1.7″ Round Hairbrush with Boar Bristles for Shoulder-Length Hair’s Blowout


Key Features:

100% Pure Boar Bristles + Nylon Pins –> Unlike other brushes that claim to be “pure boar brush” that actually mix of nylon bristles to reduce costs, our boar bristles (lower black section) are 100% pure natural boar bristles with nylon pins added (higher yellow section that manages thick & coarse hair as boar is too soft) to distribute natural hair sebum & oils from the scalp to the tips as a conditioner resulting in silky, shiny and smooth hair.

Two Sizes Available –> 2 inch (Barrel Diameter) is perfect for Back Length hair; 1.7 inch (Barrel Diameter) is best for Below Shoulder Length hair from 6 inch Length. *The real brush looks bigger than the picture because of the bristles. The popular size is 1.7 inch.

Dries hair Faster –> Vented brush with Ceramic Coated Barrel retains and evenly distributes heat from a blow dryer to make hair dry quickly and straighten out.

Salon Styling Result -> Ionic bristles reduce frizz & brittleness and polish finish. Choose between frizz-free straight hair strands or bounce blowout with volume. Can be used for all hair types for brushing & blow drying.


Product Description

UPC  756519775075      Variation Name   Gold_1.7 in


1. It’s natural for some bristles to fall out when new. This is NOT a quality issue.

2. The brush is intended for hair blow-drying with a blow dryer. Not for combing hair.

3. Remove hair from your bush after each brushing. Do not clean the brush with shampoo, use hand soap instead.



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