How to Use Foot Callus Remover to Keep Your Feet Beautiful

Keeping the toes and feet clean is a big challenge to many. That’s why most of us just to go salons to have their nails done and also to have foot spa. But do you really need to go out and spend money to maintain the health and beauty of your toes and feet? Well, you actually don’t have to do that if you learn some tricks on how to keep your feet clean. An inexpensive foot callus remover would even solve your problems with thick and rough foot skin.

Here’s how you can easily fix your feet problems:

For Ingrown Nails

There are a couple of reasons you may have an ingrown nail. First, it could be because the flesh in your toes is forced into the nails, which often happens when you wear very tight shoes that compress your toes. Another likely cause of ingrown nails is that the nails are very short and are curved in. What happens here is that the corners tend to dig into the skin.

You can fix this problem by soaking your foot warm water 3 times a day. This will help reduce inflammation. If you continue to feel the pain and the swelling does not subside in 48 hours, it is recommended that you see a podiatrist. If necessary, your toe nail may be excised.

For Yellowish Nails

If your toenails are flaky, think and yellowish, it is likely that you have a fungal infection. Another possible reason for it would be the chemicals your nail polish contains.

You should have it checked by a podiatrist first to know if it’s a fungal infection. If it is, you will need some anti-fungal medication to treat it, or you may need to undergo laser treatments. And to prevent it from returning, you should keep your feet dry by sprinkling absorbent powder into your shoes. Make sure also that the nail polish you’re using doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

For Calluses

If it’s your habit to walk around barefoot or in high stilettos, you’re likely to have thick and rough skin on your heels. The solution to this is to keep your feet well moisturized. This will soften the skin on your soles. Also, you could soak your feet in warm water for around ten minutes and use a callus file to scrub away the dead skin on your heels. Doing this regularly will make a huge difference.

The callus remover offered by Care Me is an excellent tool you can use to get rid of those unpleasant-looking calluses on your feet. Care Me callus remover comes with a roller, and is proven very effective in shaving dead skin off your feet.

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