Simple Habits to Ensure the Health of Your Feet

One particular part of the body that is so easily taken for granted is the feet. They are the ones that have to put up with a variety of challenges and take huge amounts of impact every single time we decide to walk or run. This kind of pressure that our feet experience on a daily basis is a huge reason they are always at risk of getting injured. Not only that, the feet are also very likely to have the driest and most uncared for skin in our entire body. But it’s never too late to make a change. A simple yet reliable foot callus remover may just be what you need.

The truth is, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to make sure your feet are taken care of. Here’s how you should be treating your feet:

  1. Wash your feet regularly with a washcloth.

Yes, you should bother bending over to soap your feet. And after washing them with soap and water, you have to dry them completely, and that includes the spaces between your toes. Letting your feet wet or moist will increase the chances of your feet having fungus, bacteria and odor.

  1. Keep your feet moisturized after washing.

The best time to apply lotion onto your feet is after you wash them. This way, the moisture of the feet will be trapped, so the skin will be moistened longer. During winter months, you may need to moisturize them a bit more often.

  1. Mind the footwear you are using.

Ideally, you should not wear the same shoes every single day. Your shoes also need to breathe and dry out so to avoid infections and foot odor. Your socks or stockings also need to be changed every day if you don’t want to have smelly feet.

  1. Never let your feet feel any pain.

There are several reasons your feet may hurt or feel uncomfortable – tight shoes and high heels. It is important that you make the necessary adjustments to your foot wear just so your feet will not be too stressed out!

  1. Pregnancy and weight gain affect your feet.

Pregnant women increase in body weight, of course, and this adds more pressure on their feet and heels. Thus, there are shoes made especially for pregnant women, like those with arch support, broad heels, and shock absorbency. The same thing happens to people who gain so much weight.


The tips mentioned above are very simple and easy to do. You just have to devote some of your time to caring for your feet. And if you want to get rid of your dry cracked heels in no time, Care Me callus shaver is what you need. It is electrically operated, and with regular use, you can expect to have softer and smoother heels.

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